Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Gathering Your Info

We might ask for your info, like your name, email, phone number, and address, when we chat with you, when you visit our website, or when you buy our cool decking stuff.

2. How We Use Your Info

We use your info to:

  • Give you our awesome products and services.
  • Talk to you, help with your questions, and support you.
  • Make your experience with us even better.
  • Send you sweet deals and news, but only if you say it’s okay.
  • Follow the rules and laws.

3. Sharing Your Info

Sometimes, we share your info with friends who help us, like folks who handle payments, deliveries, and cool ads. We make sure they play by the rules too.

4. Keeping Your Info Safe

We do our best to keep your info safe. We use strong locks, like encryption and firewalls, so no one can sneak in.

5. Checking and Fixing Your Info

You can look at and fix your info that we have. Just ask us, and we’ll help you out.

6. Fun Stuff and Ads

We might send you fun stuff and cool ads, like deals and promotions. But if you ever want us to stop, just let us know.

7. Cookies and Techy Stuff

We use cookies and techy things to learn about how you use our website, like what kind of computer you have. You can change this in your browser settings.

8. Changes to This Privacy Stuff

Sometimes we might tweak our privacy rules. If we do, we’ll post the updates on our website. If you keep using our stuff, that means you’re cool with the new rules.

Need to Chat?

Got questions or worries about all this privacy stuff? Drop us an email at

By using our stuff, you get that we’ve chatted about privacy, and you’re good with how we handle your info.